Who are we?

MEDAE is the result of a meeting between health, defence and new technology professionals.

The company was born from the realization that human fallibility is intrinsic to our nature, and that it persists even among the greatest experts.

In the high value-added sectors that are our origins, a wrong decision in a complex or unexpected situation can have dramatic consequences in terms of costs and human lives.

Most often, the incident is related to a misalignment of planets in which humans intervene at each step. It seems that errors are even inseparable from experience or expertise.

So since we cannot change the human, we are changing paradigm: at MEDAE, we choose to create the appropriate tools to support ourselves.

MEDAE is the team, MAX is the tool

Our experience in such demanding fields as health, defence and advanced technologies has taught us that each profession is unique and imposes its own constraints.

This is why we have combined our passion and know-how for years, to develop a solution that adapts to all your needs.

We do not want to automate your tasks, but to allow you to always give the full extent of your expertise.

Our values

Our problem: stress, the unexpected and complexity reduce alertness and mental efficiency.

We offer MAX: our on-board cognitive aid, which supports you in all circumstances!

Get to know MAX

MAX is an ergonomic field solution, designed by professionals for professionals. And MAX is science-proof.

MAX and research Our history