Our values

Assisting the human

This is where it all starts: because we are fallible, because we will never be machines, MEDAE is committed to supporting professionals in all complex or destabilizing situations.

This is our raison d'être, we created MAX to put it at the service of expertise: to relieve the weight of automatisms to give free rein to your skills, to what a machine will never learn.

At MEDAE, we will never want to replace you: we want to support you.

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Supporting expertise

This is the very heart of our approach: we are convinced that your talents are best deployed in the serenity provided by the support of cognitive assistance.

That is why we will always be committed to providing ergonomic solutions adapted to your field conditions.

It is not up to you to adapt to MAX, it is MAX that adapts to you.

MAX editor

Transmitting knowledge

Because expertise and experience are priceless, we offer you the means to capitalize on the key data of your business and of your daily practice.

Saving the know-how of a lifetime at the departure of an employee, training young people, cooperating on strategic subjects: we also support you on long-term challenges.

With MAX, you take care of your know-how.

Guaranteeing safety

Because your expertise is valuable, the security of your data is essential to us: we will do everything to deserve your trust.

That's why we protect your data, and we offer you complete control over its distribution: manage access by person or group, manage rights by functionality.

Your data is in the vault, and you have the keys.

Promoting sharing

MAX has forged itself in research, MEDAE is committed to pursuing it: certain sectors, such as health, lend themselves to collaborative work, mutual aid and sharing.

We want everyone to be able to freely share their creations and discoveries if they wish so, ask for help in private or offer their know-how to as many people as possible.

MEDAE promotes collaborative emulation.

MAX collaborative platform

Helping progress

Data does not make progress, but progress is fed by data.

We are committed to providing you with relevant analytical data to feed your thinking and help you build the future of your business.

Giving back to the human being the fruit of his work: the circle is complete.