MAX concept

MAX is your co-pilot

MAX assists all professionals regardless of their profession: it adapts, follows you in the field and supports you in all complex or unexpected situations.

MAX does not replace you: it supports you in important or difficult moments in your professional life, and helps to reduce the risk of errors by up to 60%*.

* according to a study published in the BJA, find out more:

Errors? But I don't do myself....

If you are human, you necessarily do some: we all do, 3 to 10 per hour on average*, and 40% more* under stress. Can you see the problem?

The more you are a specialist in your field, the more valuable your practices are, so the greater the risk.

What does it cost for an error in your job?

* Source: Piloter la Sécurité, R. Amalberti, Ed. Springer Verlag (2012)

Some figures....

  • 70% of accidents* (all sectors combined: health, industry, aerospace...) involve one or more human errors
  • medical error is the 3rd cause of death** in the United States (more than 250,000 deaths per year)
  • the direct cost of medical errors in France is 1 billion euros each year (indirect costs are probably much higher)

In total, human error in the world means millions of deaths and several points of GDP.

* Source: Piloter la Sécurité, R. Amalberti, Ed. Springer Verlag (2012)
** Source: The BMJ, 2016, Martin Makary & Michael Daniel, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore ;
ORM, 2015, Etude ENEIS (Etude Nationale sur les Evénements Indésirables liés aux Soins)

What's the problem?

Too many complex tasks to assume: whatever his level, his training, in many cases, the human alone is no longer sufficient.

It is not a question of expertise: it is a question of complexity. Aeronautics has been adopting checklists for decades...

... and MAX is much more than a checklist!

The solution: digital cognitive assistance

MAX provides secure expert supportby intelligently guiding you through your risky practices.

It adapts to your needs, to your profession, reminds you of the key stages of your care, important events in the course of operations, and guides you in your conclusions.

MAX improves performance and the human factor in situation.

Get to know MAX

A global solution

MAX is first of all a mobile app, which allows it to be always at your side.

But it is also a collaborative web platform: a self-service procedure store to build your library, and features to create, analyze and share.

MAX collaborative platform

An expert in your profession

Thanks to its web editor, MAX becomes an expert in your field. If you can't find the procedures of your know-how on the MAX store, create them!

Explore its ergonomic graphical interface, and digitize your processes yourself. Sequential controls, flowcharts or decision trees: everything can be digitized in MAX format.

Discover MAX editor

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Proven and indisputable efficiency

MAX has faced the field on high-risk missions (health, military) before meeting you.

The result: he got away with it! Technology, team management, accident reduction: all the lights are on green.

MAX and research

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