The MAX editor

A creation lab

The MAX editor is your digitalization laboratory for your procedures: simple and ergonomic, it allows you to capitalize your know-how in a few clicks.

Start with the essential functions, create the sequence of your actions, then add options to make your procedure a little masterpiece.

With the MAX editor, you are the one holding the brush.

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Sequencing your procedures

Logigrams, decision trees: enter the sequence of steps and match them with our logical connectors so that MAX can read your procedure in sequential mode.

Group your steps into groups, enter choice lists and set up text-to-speech for optimal ease of use.

A sequential procedure leaves your mind free.

Adding media

To illustrate your comments and provide technical instructions, insert photos and videos to be found on the MAX mobile app.

You can also enter hyperlinks, but they will only be usable if the procedure is played in connected mode.

Showing is often more effective than explaining.

Setting up times

Do you want to know the duration of this or that action? Set a countdown, schedule an alert or play a tempo?

MAX's clock system allows you to do all this. You can also schedule messages and actions to be triggered at a specific time during your care.

Expertise is also a question of timing.

Manage variables and parameters

Do you need to calculate information on the fly? You need to be able to enter initial data?

MAX allows you to create variables to display context-sensitive information and guide your navigation. The parameters also allow you to enter values at the start of the procedure.

With MAX, each treatment is unique.

But still...

Define end tags that you can select at the end of your support to make statistics.

Take notes and enter internal comments in your creations as a reminder.

... and other features to come!

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