Our history


Awareness raising

After 15 years of clinical practice and a few years as a medical simulation trainer, Jean-Christophe Cejka, an anaesthetist-resuscitator, regrets the inevitability of human errors in care and the resulting abyssal consequences in terms of costs and human lives.

He starts considering the creation of a digital assistant to overcome these shortcomings.

Our values

The incubation

After having matured his project, Jean-Christophe Cejka meets the managers of Pulsalys*, the SATT** of Lyon. Convinced by his approach, they agree to accompany him.

The incubator then funds the development of a mobile tool that will become the first version of MAX.

Learn more about MAX

* https://www.pulsalys.fr ** Société d'Accélération du Transfert de Technologies

MAX is born

Jean-Christophe Cejka calls on the technical expertise of AXOPEN*, a Lyon-based ESN**, to design and develop the first version of MAX for iOS.

The machine is launched: the first screens arrive, then the first words, and MAX is born!

MAX mobile app

* https://www.axopen.com ** Entreprise de Services du Numérique

The first steps

Assigned to medical doctoral students, MAX makes his first experiences in medical simulation. This will lead to a first thesis in anaesthesia-resuscitation, the results of which will be published at the SFAR* congress, as well as in the very serious BJA**, the best anaesthesia journal in the world.

MAX and research

Meanwhile, developments continue: new features on the mobile app, and a web editor to create procedures.

MAX editor

* Société Française d'Anesthésie-Réanimation, https://sfar.org ** British Journal of Anaesthesia, https://bjanaesthesia.org

The recognition

Things are accelerating: the web editor is welcoming new tools, and two other theses are being conducted on MAX. The SFAR is awarding him its Emergency Medicine Prize ; at the BPI*, he's awarded the French Tech prize.

By the end of the year, Jean-Christophe Cejka founds the company MEDAE.

Who's MEDAE?

* Banque Publique d'Investissement, https://www.bpifrance.fr

The take-off

A new article in the BJA, new theses... the success is confirmed, the team is growing, and MEDAE puts online its new collaborative platform.

MAX web platform

In September, the marketing begins:
MAX spreads his wings!


And tomorrow...?

... MAX takes out its crystal ball and becomes predictive: by securely analyzing field data, collected at the very heart of your business, MAX anticipates expertise and prevents complications before they occur.

With MAX, unwind your mind: unchain your skills.