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The eXpert digital assistant

Who's MAX?

MAX is a web and mobile service for professionals in the field.

MAX is your copilot: it provides you with information and serenity during a crisis situation, an unforeseen event or any complex procedure.

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Why MAX?

Because stress, the unexpected and complexity reduce cognitive performance, MAX supports you step by step and considerably reduces errors, omissions, accidents and costs.

What does human error cost you?

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How does MAX help me?

MAX is installed on your mobile and provides you with secure cognitive support in complex or difficult situations, guiding you step by step. It also offers a follow-up of your activity, and the capitalisation of your know-how.

Get to know MAX

MAX adapts to your business: create your own personalized library on our professional procedures store. And if your business processes do not yet exist on the MAX store, digitize them thanks to our editor.

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