The MAX web portal

The cockpit of your cognitive aids

This is your dashboard: this is where you will build and manage your personal library, and where you will find the results of your support.

It is also where you will be able to create and share your procedures, publish them, translate them and manage your publisher account.

The web portal is MAX's toolbox.

The MAX store

With the MAX subscription, you have access to all the procedures of the MAX store. Choose from our expert professional procedures, and add them to your personal library.

There is something for every taste and every profession. And if you don't find your processes, create them for yourself or for the community!

The MAX store is a bit like the library of Alexandria.

Your personal library

This is the list of procedures that you will find on the MAX mobile app: subscriptions, sharing, personal procedures...

Organize them by creating labels, and enrich your procedure database by digitizing your own know-how (as long as you do not share, you alone have access to it).

Your personal library is a reflection of your expertise.

Discover the mobile app

Monitor your activity

The MAX mobile app records all the details of your activity: find the history of your support directly in your MAX web dashboard.

Get in one click a detailed report for each procedure execution, and download the photos taken during your practice.

MAX is not only your assistant, it is also your memory.

Create and publish in turn

Your specific know-how does not yet exist on the MAX store? Discover the editor and create your custom procedures.

Its ergonomic interface allows complex paper procedures to be digitized in no time at all. Use the "beta" function to test your creation on mobile, then activate it to exploit it.

And if your expertise is not classified as a secret, become a publisher and publish it on the store!

Discover the MAX editor

But still...

Share your creations in restricted access, manage your collaborators' rights in detail, translate your procedures into as many languages as you wish...

The MAX web portal is a complex and dynamic solution, which is constantly being enhanced with new features!

With MAX, get a head start.